Certifications and Diving Limits

We at Dive UK Hurghada take safety very seriously and will always ask to see your certifications. We recognise all Certifications from all organisations and institutions too. We teach PADI to the very highest standards but welcome divers from others. We will welcome you with open arms as we believe diving should not have a divide just because you have trained with a different organisation. We are very lucky to have divers from GUE, SSI, SDI, TDI, NAUI, BSAC and CMAS all dive with us.

Why do we ask to see your certifications?

We want to ensure we know the level you are at and we want to make sure you don’t dive over the limits of your certifications. It’s very important you stay within the limits of the training you have received for your safety and others. We are not a company that will take you deeper than your certifications or allow you to break regulation while diving under our banner. When diving in Egypt we are responsible for you and your safety, local laws are very different here to most other countries.

On the first day you dive with us you will complete all of the Safety forms and medical documents; we will also ask when you last dived and to make sure you are comfortable with your equipment and assist you with any needs you have. Should you need to practice any skills just let us know and we will run through them with you. At zero extra cost. We at Dive UK Hurghada are committed to helping divers and are more than happy to help you improve while you dive with us.

Should you feel we are we are watching too closely on the first day please don’t be alarmed, we like to observe everything until we are sure you are comfortable and we are sure of your safety. We will also check your air on a regular basis on the first and second dive to gain knowledge of your air consumption. This will also help us to plan future dives and get you the most out of your diving experience in Hurghada. Our aim is to give you’re the best possible diving and we do this by doing all of the above checks. 

We care very much you go away happy and safely back to your families. To do this we have everything in place to make sure things go very smoothly. It is of upmost importance to us you are safe in all of our activities. Should you have any safety concerns or questions about diving with us we have an open-door policy and you are welcome to discuss anything in full confidence, it will be kept confidential unless we have to report it by law or by PADI Standards.

During your time with us you can expect a variety of diving. We want to please you so you tell us what you like and we will do our best to provide it. We have over 45 reefs and 5 local Wrecks to take you too.

We have Drift Dives, Deep Dives, Shallow and gentle dives. Most dives here are between 5/15 meters and this is where you will see most life. We also have some amazing drop offs and can easily reach depths of 40M if you have the certification. If you don’t then we can happily complete your Advanced Course and Deep Courses while you are here.

If you do have a preference of the diving you want to do, please do let us know and we will do our best to provide it for you. Both dives that we do each day are chosen on the morning and depend on weather and abilities onboard the boat. We are very lucky most sites have 4/5 different dives so we can usually please everybody most days.


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