What Sort of Dives do we do

Most of the marine life in the Red Sea is between 5 metres and 20 metres. At these depths you will see huge sholes of fish swimming with the beautiful and vibrant corals. Diving in Hurghada is truly amazing. Your eyes will be amazed at what you see. Our Coral reef system is classed as one of the finest in the world with over 200 species of coral living in the Red Sea. We have some beautiful colours and its very much alive. As with all Eco Systems we do have damage and parts that have died but in all it is truly amazing. 

The Marine life is very much alive too and I wont start to name what you could see but the variety will blow your mind and EVERY dive in Hurghada will be different and a huge variation of life. The beauty is you never know what you will see. Its quiet often you will be swimming along and a pod of dolphins will appear, a Eagle Ray swims past or you swim into thousands of small fish. All I can say is keep looking, don’t just look down either because you never know when a Manta Ray or Whale shark will swim over the top of you. Yes, it’s that lively.

We always try to offer a variety of dives to our customers and always ensure you do a different dive everyday when booking a consecutive dive package. If you do one dive here and there, we cannot guarantee you will not go to the same place however the life will be a surprise as always. Our boat has a zodiac which gives us opportunities to dive off of the beaten path. We often do drift dives or dive from one end of the reef to the other. It may also be we start from the main boat and then shoot the SMB for the zodiac to come and pick us up. 

Many of the dives you will jump from the back of the boat and then return to the boat. The boat is very low to the water and we have 2 large sets of steps to get up back onto the boat. Should you have difficulty in climbing the stairs with your equipment on we can happily have you take it off in the water and have it lifted up by the crew. Remember we are here to please and will find a solution to any problems or to make your life easier. 

There is lots of opportunities to do some deep dives in Hurghada too. We have some amazing drop offs and some small swim throughs and a couple of small caves. Many will dream up stories of the small caves and swim throughs we have but we like to remain realistic and to not have any disappointment. Yes, they are nice but they are not the dream some suggest. During the deep dives you can really be surprised at any time. We do have sharks in the Red Sea and can often find Eagle Rays and Mantas swim past. Can we promise you will see them? Of course, not but if you’re not there you cannot see it right? 

During your stay you can expect a variety and a beautiful array of life. If you do consecutive days, you will not do the same dive twice and we will always try to meet the needs of all our customers. We will also put certifications limitations first along with safety. You will not exceed your certification limits with us and we will always put the interests of the group before any individual. We do however have a service where you can hire a private guide and you can do the dive exactly the way you want it. We are here to make everybody happy so tell us what you want and we will do our very best to make it happen.

If you want to do some Scuba Diving in Hurghada come along to the very best Dive Centre in Egypt, you will see the difference in how we do things and will surely go home very happy. 


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