Why is Dive UK Hurghada the Best Dive Centre in Hurghada?

We are not being big headed when we say we are the best Dive Centre in Hurghada.  We know we are different because we want to do things correctly. We put safety over everything else. This sets us apart from the start. We do not put income over safety at any time and this is why we only take small groups and have invested heavily in owning our own equipment. Diving is our passion! We don’t do this to be the biggest and have the most customers and to teach the most courses. Dive UK Hurghada is run by a team who have invested heavily in their own training to provide you with the very best. 

All of the PADI Courses we teach in Hurghada are taught to the very highest of standards and we miss no performance requirements of any course. We cut no corners and put your training to the highest regard. We only deliver PADI Courses in small groups and do things the correct way to ensure you pass the Course in a competent manor and high standard. We care you go away safe and knowing what you are doing. 

All Instructors are very experienced and have all been taught by the same world class PADI Class Course Director who has taught over 1000 Instructors and is a 9 consecutive year Platinum Course Director. We all teach Instructor Courses and this sets us apart from any other Dive Centre in Egypt. No other Dive Centre can say they do this and this also sets us apart. 

Should you come diving with us we will also assist and help you with your diving. If you need to practice a skill or are unsure of anything we will help. We wont charge you for this and its all part of the service. If you want us to see what you need to improve on? Let us know and we will help you. This is all part of the service we offer and its all included.

We also promise not to add a penny at the end of your stay. All our prices are all inclusive and we don’t try to change your bill nor to we add “Taxes” at the end to surprise you. We believe in honesty right from the start and unless you add a chargeable service or an extra, your bill will be the same as you were quoted. We believe in a clear communication and pride ourselves in being upfront and honest at all times. We promise not to sell you a Course you don’t need and will only recommend something if you really need it. 

We also like to be very organised. We are always on the end of the phone to communicate with you after your booking. We always try to get back to you quickly with any questions you have and will always be upfront with the communication with you. We will always be early for you with pick ups and if we are going to be late for any unforeseen circumstance, we will let you know. Accident do happen sometimes.

If any thing out of our control happens, we will do anything we can to make it happen. Occasionally things happen in Egypt but we always try to have a back up to ensure you are not let down. We do our very very best to make sure you have a trip like no other and with no issues.

Please do check out our reviews from our customers, we use Trip Advisor, Google Business and FaceBook Business. None of our reviews are by fake profiles and we go one step further to put you in touch with our customers so you can hear the stories from the horse’s mouth. Many of our customers are very happy to talk to potential customers to tell their story. We are very proud of our 5* rating on ALL platforms and aim to keep it that way. We do not have 200/300 reviews like others because all of ours are real and from real people you can speak to if you wish. 

Come and see for yourself what we deliver to our customers, we will be very shocked if you don’t go away fully satisfied and with exceeded expectations.


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