Dive Boat Safety

We at Dive UK Hurghada take safety very seriously and its number one priority for us. We simply say that if you are safe, you are having fun. If you are not safe then you won’t have fun and run the risk of an accident. We pride ourselves in a zero-accident policy and that is exactly why we give you a full safety briefing when coming on our boat for the first time. 

You can expect a detailed brief of the boat and how things work for your comfort. Our boat is kept to a very high standard of cleanliness for your comfort too. Our crew are trained in hygiene standards and have regular checks to do prior to customers arriving and during the day on the boat. Simple things others lack are really taken care of by us to make your day go as you would expect. The toilets really are important and are always checked to ensure toilet paper is stocked and soap is provided for hygiene. 

We ensure our Oxygen tank is checked daily and that it in in date and full at all times. We also carry a full first aid kit and its checked daily and restocked. I also carry a personal First Aid kit. Our boat safety equipment is also check daily including our long range radio to ensure we can contact shore and the coastguard at all times. We really don’t have a normal diving boat most will see in Hurghada. Our boat is simple the best daily boat in Hurghada and nobody else can provide what we do. It’s that simple. Ask to see the safety equipment we will show it to you. 

One of the other important safety features we have is a zodiac (Small Speed Boat) we tow everywhere. Have you ever thought what will happen if you have an accident? Don’t worry because we have and we will get you to shore very quickly. We also carry a spare engine onboard; do you know another boat that does that? I don’t. 

We also take the correct procedures to look after the air you breath. All tanks are inspected EVERY Year. We do not just renew the stickers and say they have. We also take great pride in our compressors ensuring you have the cleanest air possible to breath. Our Filters are replaced not dipped in a bucket of dirty water. We have not had one report of a contaminated regulator because of a rusty tank nor have we any corrosions on the tanks we have. All tanks are under 3 years old and inspected to regulations at all times. Zero exceptions.

Something to check when diving is the valve seal with the tank. If you see signs of corrosion (White Crusty Matter) do not use the tank. If it has corrosions but has a sticker the chances are that it has not been tested and a sticker has just been placed on it. Always put your safety first over saving a few pounds and going with a cheap operator.

Don’t be afraid to ask when the equipment was last serviced to, also asks to see evidence of the service. If they can’t provide the evidence then the chances are that it was not serviced when said. All of our equipment is brand new and when it’s serviced all paperwork will be kept for the customers to see. At present I carry the purchase receipt so you can see exactly when it was brought. We at Dive UK Hurghada believe in transparency and have nothing to hide. 

Put safety first and you will have a much more relaxed time. If you have any questions about safety or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. You will only get a straight answer from us.


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