What Wrecks Can I See in Hurghada

The Red Sea is any Wreck diver’s paradise and we have a vast array of ship wrecks to dive. Some are very close to Hurghada and some are a little further away. We love to take people to dive the wrecks and really do enjoy them ourselves. There is often a story behind them and are happy to inform guests of the history and point them in the right direction for more detailed information. We have  6 wrecks very local to Hurghada that we dive on a regular basis. 3 have names and the other 3 are very old and decayed. 

A popular wreck in Hurghada is the El Mina – she was an Egyptian war ship that was sunk after an Israel fighter jet launched a missile and sunk her by the Old Hurghada Marina. She lies at 30 meters and its often the wreck we take people to when doing their Deep or Wreck dive on the PADI Advanced Course. She is over 70 meters long and you can see the huge hole where the missile hit and the torpedo’s she was carrying at the time. This is a great wreck for both beginners and advanced divers and is penetrable through a small hole.

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Just off of EL Mina there is an old fishing boat which if a beautiful wreck and often has lots of life. She is called the Hesabella Wreck and if air permits, we can do both the EL Mina wreck and Hesabella at the same time. She is also sat at 30 meters and is for both beginners and more advanced divers.

We also have the Suzanna Wreck. This is our favourite wreck to use when teaching the PADI Wreck Course. It is done from a shore or boat dives and lays at a little over 18 Meters about 100m from shore. It has lots of Macro life and often you can find Scorpion Fish and lots of Bat Fish surrounding the wreck. Its is also penetrable and ideal for learning the safety of diving wrecks and to complete the PADI Wreck Course. 

We also have the very famous SS Thistlegorm which was a Royal Navy vessel built in 1940 and was sunk by German bombers on the 6th October 1941 close to the Ras Mohammed reef. This ship is reachable from a day trip from Hurghada but it takes over 3 hours to reach by boat and day trips are limited to peak season when the boats can have enough customers to make the trip worth while financially. This is a must-see wreck and you will love it. During peak season we tend to go once per 10 days on average.

We also visit the Salem Express wreck on a regular basis which was a huge passenger ferry that sunk in 1991 while travelling back to Egypt from Saudi. There is a very sad story attached to this wreck because of the many who lost their life when she sunk. It’s a wreck that touches the heart of many and always gives you a feeling when you dive it. We tend to do trips to the Salem most weeks and is one of the most accessible trips from Hurghada and a must see for any diver.

Abu Nuhas is also a reef to visit for wrecks. Many call Abu Nuhas the graveyard because is has 7 Wreck that have sunk there and has 4 that are available for recreational divers to dive. The others are far too deep. You have the very famous Kimon M, Carnatic, Chrisoula K and the Gannis. All 4 are very close to each other and you can visit all 4 wrecks over 2 dives. This is also a really must-see place and we do trips here weekly through the summer peak season. This is approximately 3 hrs from Hurghada to so makes a long day trip but very worthwhile.

If you would like any information on Wreck diving, please do get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.


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