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Cairo Trip From Hurghada

Your Private Cairo trip from Hurghada will be truly amazing. You will visit to the Cairo Museum and then on to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Giza Pyramids. This is a day you will not forget and your eyes will be mesmerised once your see what the Cairo Pyramid complex has to offer. Our Private Cairo trip from Hurghada really does give you the opportunity to see the sights without no big groups. There will be zero rush and most important no hard sells. The car journey is 2 hrs less than the coach and we take you directly to the Cairo Museum and then over to the Great Giza Pyramids. 

We will be on hand at all times to assist and help you negotiate great prices on souvenirs should you wish to purchase or even have a camel ride. Please also note you will not be taken anywhere apart from the attractions you want to see, no bazaars nor markets.  We take very good care of you all day.

It will be an early start with a personal pick up from your hotel by your private car and English driver, we will head straight to Cairo taking the toll roads which are much smoother. First, we head to the Museum where you will have time to look around at the amazing artifacts. Once you are finished, we will head over to the amazing Pyramids in Giza, on the way you will get to see the real Egypt and cross the Nile River.

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While at the Pyramids you will get to see the Sphinx, our Cairo Trip from Hurghada really are a special day. You will be able to take photos from various positions around the Pyramids and we will be on hand to assist you throughout. You will also have the opportunity to purchase tickets to enter the Great Pyramids and have a look inside for yourself. Our Cairo trip from Hurghada are truly the best in Hurghada and personal to you.

After seeing the wonder of the world, we will go for a tradition Egyptian meal at a tradition Egyptian guest house at the bottom of the pyramids, you will be able to take more pictures and take in the breath-taking views before we leave to come back to Hurghada.