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Swimming with Dolphins in Hurghada

Swimming with Dolphins in Hurghada is a VIP experience, we collect you from the hotel in the morning around 7am for your transfer to the Marina where you will be greeted by your Captain.

After a short safety brief, you have some decision to make, often our guest want to swim with Dolphins and we are very proud of our Captains who have the skills to find them. As with all Marina life there are no 100% guarantees but we can say 96% of our early morning trips do see them and get the chance to Snorkel with them. After spending time with the dolphins in their natural habitat you have the choice of 3 different Islands or why not pay a quick visit to all, you will also have plenty of opportunities to Snorkel on reefs away from the big boats. Swimming with Dolphins in Hurghada is a dream come true for all the family.

The main benefits of the private speedboat is you can travel in style with its own sound system, reach destinations quickly and see things others cannot, our boats are small, fast and nimble enabling our Captains to drop you to area’s the big daily boats cannot go and follow the Dolphins quickly. Yes, they move fast when the big boats arrive hence why we go out before them to stand the best chance of seeing these beautiful creatures. Swimming with Dolphins in Hurghada is a true possibility and a beautiful experience.

This will be one of the best 4 hours you spend in Egypt, a truly luxurious experience from start to finish.

4 hours
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Dive UK Hurghada give you with the opportunity to Swim with Dolphins in Hurghada. This is a once in a lifetime experience because you will remember it for the rest of your life. So Dive UK have 4 luxurious speedboats, all have soft seating and all the latest safety features because safety comes first. Because the speedboats are fast, it gives you the best opportunity to go Swimming with Dolphins in Hurghada. The Dolphins can move and go to a different spots but don’t worry. You get back on the boat and follow them because the speedboats are flexible, the larger day boats are not.

Swimming with Dolphins in Hurghada cannot be guaranteed by any operator because the Dolphins have a very big home. But Dive UK have the fast boats, have the knowledge and know where to find them. Your chances are high. Dive UK Hurghada are the only operator that gives you the highest chances of Swimming with Dolphins in the wild. This is surely a trip to do and a holiday you will remember. Swimming with Dolphins in Hurghada, in the wild with us.

So During your trip you can also stop off and visit some of our amazing eco systems and snorkel on the Coral Reefs. Dive UK will also take you to a secluded island which the larger boats cannot reach for some amazing family photos. All photos will be sent to you and at no extra charge. Come and Swim with Dolphins in Hurghada with the best operator in Egypt.