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Salam Express Wreck

Visit and dive the world famous Salam Express Wreck with us at Dive UK Hurghada. We dive the Salam Express Wreck at least once every 2 weeks and it’s a wreck not to be missed when diving in Hurghada.

If you are into your wreck diving or not this is truly a memorable dive for any diver who is Advanced or more.

The Salam Express Wreck lies on her side at a depth of 32m to the sea bed, and starts at 12m. She is over 100m long and has a huge cargo hold that is penetrable should you have your Wreck Certification, If you would like to do your Wreck Course on the Salam Express Wreck please get in contact.

You can also penetrate the Salam Express restaurant and the ships wheel house.

Lots of debris surrounds the ship and a life boat can be seen on the sea bed along with other items. Many personal items are visible in the hold including luggage, bicycles, bedding and other items.

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The Salem Express Wreck sank on 14th December 1991 after striking the Hyndman Reef in Safaga on its way back from Saudi Arabia at 23:13pm. The ship sank within 20 minutes of hitting the reef causing a huge loss of life. The impact from the reef is clearly visible now on the bow of the vessel and can be seen on the dive. It is thought the Salam Express took a detour from its normal route back from Saudi due to a storm and this was the main cause of the accident. A full account of the tragedy will be given in the briefing prior to the dive.

As with all diving we do we are extremely respectful of the circumstances surrounding the Salam Express Wreck and you will be given a full briefing prior to the dives.



Including Transport, 2 x 12ltr Cylinders, Weights, Lunch and drinks.

1 person £120

2 Person’s £210

3 Person’s £290

4 Person’s £370

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