Why is Dive UK Hurghada a Little More Expensive

Dive UK Hurghada are only a little more expensive in certain Circumstances. For example, if one person does any of the PADI Courses we offer you may find it a little more expensive than some other companies. if two, three or four people do the same course at the same time we are actually a lot cheaper then everybody else. 

We offer great discounts on bulk packages, for example if you do a course and then book some days diving or do 2 courses back-to-back, we offer good discounts and you can often find yourself in a position where you will save money. The bonus here is you can save money and get the very highest of tuition. Why do we give the discounts? We love to teach and are in a position too. We have a very different business model to most and are not interested is making as much money as possible. Quality over Quantity. 

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We also believe in giving you the very best so you then also come back and tell your friends what a great time you had. We do things very different to most and love what we do. We also invest a lot of profits back into the business. We have invested heavily in brand new equipment. We also only have our equipment serviced at main dealers with original parts. This costs money and is built into the prices of rental equipment.

We have the very best daily boat in Hurghada. It costs money to keep it the best. We spend a lot of money on cleaning equipment to ensure the boat is spotless as you would expect. You will see when you arrive onboard, everything is new and very very comfortable and unlike no other. Everything works and checks are done continuously to make sure everything is just how it should be. We also have more crew on board to make sure things stay in tip top condition and somebody is always there to help you with a smile. We also pay our crew more than others to ensure they give 100% effort and to ensure they help you without expecting something in return. 

All of our tanks are serviced every year and Hydro tested every 2 years. We also replace our tanks every 5 years to ensure your safety and give you our customers piece of mind. We are not a company to just change the stickers and say they have been tested. Safety is number one for us and we are very proud of our standards.

We don’t take groups of 8-10 divers, we don’t teach 6-7 students at the same time, we don’t do try dives where you will have 10 minutes in the water. Like we have said before we are about quality and giving our customers a experience they will not forget and want to tell their friends about. We are professional at all times and are there for you throughout your stay in Hurghada. We are happy to advise on all things Egypt and have contacts in Luxor or Cairo in case your onward journey takes you there.

We invest heavily in Instructor training and all our Instructors have personal Insurance and attend regular training courses to keep up to date with all requirements. We only use Instructors for guiding our dives, we also only use PADI IDC and Master Instructors to teach our courses. Both invested heavily in their training to ensure you get taught to the very highest standards. Instructor training to the highest level is not cheap and each of our instructors help teach PADI IDC’s.

Get in contact today to see what deal we can put together for you. Remember if you bulk together Courses or Courses with daily diving, we will be cheaper than anybody else and you will not be disappointed with our service we provide and the level of training you receive.


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