Swim with Dolphins in Hurghada

This is a frequent question I get asked all of time and Yes, it is very possible to swim with dolphins in the wild with Dive UK Hurghada on your Holiday to Egypt. As I’m sure you can appreciate as with any wild animals living in their natural habitat NOBODY can guarantee that you will see any specific species but Dive UK Hurghada will give you the best chance possible. We know where they hang out and live.

Dive UK Hurghada have studied the Dolphins and their movements over a very long time and record all sighting and locations. We are proud to say we will give you the very best chance to see and swim with the Dolphins in Hurghada. there are several ways to do it and I will list them below in order of best chances. Swimming with dolphins on the surface is a lot more likely than to Scuba Dive with them but we do see them while Scuba Diving at least once in every 14 days.

The best chance you have to swim with dolphins in Hurghada is to hire one of our private speedboats. We have a selection of Speedboats they can take from 3 people up to 8. Why is this your best chance? The speedboats we have are very fast and can get to all the different places the Dolphins hide out quickly. We can take you directly to all those places giving you more chance to see them. The larger boats cannot move quickly so only get to go to one or maximum 2 of the places the dolphins hang out. If they are not there the larger boats cannot go to another place because they are slow. The Dolphins have at least 8 places they hang out spanning over a very large area.

As I’m sure you are aware the Red Sea is very large and the Dolphins like to explore so they move around a lot to different places. Booking one of our speedboat trips is the very best chance you have to see them and to jump in and swim with them. 

The Second-best chance you have is to book one of our Dolphin House trips. Dive UK Hurghada go to the real Dolphin House. Dolphin House is about 2 hours boat from Hurghada so many of the boats actually take you to a different place but we go to the real Dolphin House. This trip is suitable for both Scuba Divers and Non-Scuba Divers. We do this trip every Friday and are proud to say we do see the dolphins most weeks but we CANNOT Guarantee it. We are very straight up and honest about all of our activities and will not give you any promises if we cannot keep to them. You do have a high chance though.

Swimming with Dolphins is a truly amazing experience and I would recommend it to anybody. We only do trips of this nature because we do not believe in Dolphins being held captive in tanks or swimming pools because we believe this is Inhumane and cruel. The Dolphins will come very close to you in the wild as you can see in my pictures but they can also leave when they want.

Our trips on a Friday to Dolphin house are a great day out for all the family. We accommodate snorkelers and Divers on these trips so its good for everybody. Its full day trip and starts with a pick up at 07:15 where we then travel to the boat. Its approximately a 2 hours journey on the boat and then we have all day at Dolphin House. We will get back to port at around 4:30 pm. Divers will have 2 dives and Snorkellers will have the opportunity to swim as much as they like. The trip also includes lunch and soft drinks. Divers can also snorkel too.

If you would like any further information on our Dolphin trips or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask  and you can do that through WhatsApp, Viber or by contacting us through our website Diveukhurghada.co.uk we are very glad to help and advise and you will only get a straight honest answer from us.


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