Our Equipment for Diving in Hurghada

We are only a small and personal Diving Centre in Hurghada and most of the centres our size, hire equipment off the larger Dive Centres here that they work with. When we first started, we used to do the same for our customers but it soon become apparent that the equipment for rental was not to a very good standard and did not meet the high standards we have and the regulations of Servicing and care ect.

We personally believe Scuba equipment need to be of a certain standard and must be serviced with an authorised dealer using genuine parts and must be completed on time to the very highest standards. After some discussions we decided it would be best for our piece of mind and our customers safety if we brought all of our own equipment.

To us this was a big investment so after looking at the whole of market we decided we would purchase 11 BCD’s of different sizes, brand new Masks and Snorkels and 5 regulator sets. We only take up to 4 customers at a time and only deliver PADI Courses to a maximum group of 4 people so this was enough. We currently still rent wetsuits and fins from the boat which is more cost effective as buying 40 plus wetsuits of different thicknesses and length just did not make business sense like we decided not to buy 30 plus sets of fins. 

We looked at the market very carefully prior to our purchase and chose to use Aqualung. They were the best all round for the BCD’s, Regulators and Mask sets. We chose them because of the build quality, ease of use for new and experienced divers and the long lasting materials they were built with. Its very important to us that we chose an all-round good brand to ensure all of our customers are comfortable and the equipment is fit for purpose for all. 

Both our customers and us are very pleased with the equipment we purchased and we look after it very well. I personally wash all equipment after the last use and have it stored correctly to ensure it stays in top condition. We also sterilise all regulators, masks, snorkels and low pressure hoses of the BCD after EVERY customer so you can be assured it’s germ free and cleaned to the highest standards. We take great pride in the health and safety of our customers in all aspects of what we do so you can be relaxed at all times and have no worry.

At any time, we can prove to you when the equipment was purchased and exactly how many times each piece has been used since new. When it needs to be serviced it will be by Aqualung HQ with all genuine parts and to the highest of standards. When it is serviced, the evidence will be available to all customers should you wish to see it. Being transparent is very important to us as a business as we want to be the Dive Centre in Hurghada you trust. We will never do anything to harm that and only want to build it. 

We do many things no others Dive Centres don’t, we want to be the best and strive to improve at all times. We are an English company so know exactly what is required to meet the standards of the British public and only deliver a service we would be happy with our selves. Come and see for yourself. We try our very best to do everything right and work in a very moralistic way to ensure customer satisfaction. 

We teach all PADI Courses in Hurghada to the very highest standards and deliver the best Daily Diving in Hurghada on the best boats with the best equipment. We know our competition and stay very much ahead of the game by being proactive and knowing the industry we work in. Come and dive with us and you will see for yourself. 


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