Jayden Wiseman – Diving Story

When I started to Scuba Dive I was 15 and on holiday with my mum. I see people Scuba Diving in the pool and wanted to have a go so I did. I loved it and wanted to go to the sea but was a little scared because it was something I did not ever think of doing before. That night my mum looked on the Internet and we found an English company so my mum called them and we meet with Steve the next day. 

I really liked Steve straight away because he was funny and liked to joke. A really nice man. We spoke about doing some diving but he said before I dive, I needed to do a course because of safety and started to tell me about what I would have to do and what you done in the course. Its sounded hard at first because he started talking about all the skills I would have to do and then said about an exam at the end. I thought no I don’t want to do it but then he explained further and said how fun it will be and I will do it with him. 

Steve described how the skills would be done and that he would show us first and then we would try them, he also said if we needed him to do the skill again, he would and there would be no rush. I then started to feel a bit better and wanted to do it. On the first day I was a little scared still but when Steve picked us up, he was laughing and so happy it made me happy. We went to the beech the first day and we started to learn about the equipment and how I put it together. We done this 4 times before we got into the water and this made me think ok, I can do this now.

He really went through every step really well and made it simple for me. When walking to the water for the first time I had a funny feeling and was so scared but before I started to speak Steve come to me and said its ok and its normal for people to be nervous. He made a joke and it helped me. He made me feel like I could do it. We started by me doing a swim and then we put the equipment on. We didn’t start to go underwater but done some skills on the top first. This made me feel comfortable and then we went under. Steve was very close all the time and it made me feel safe. It also made me think I could do the skills. As he said before, he started to do a skill and then I watched first. I then had a go and it was really easy because he done things so slow it was easy to follow. 

I really enjoyed it and I’m so happy Steve taught me because he was very good even when I was scared. I really loved the course and also done 2 days diving before we went home. I can’t wait to go on holiday again. If you want to try scuba then meet with Steve, he is the best. 


Dive UK Hurghada says: Bless you Jayden, I remember walking down to the water and seeing your face. We had a good time right! I loved teaching you and now you see how easy it was! You really done so well in the course and when I see you so happy underwater it makes me very happy too! Try not to smile to much as you will always be emptying your mask of water hahahaha.

Its true, most people do have nerves to start with but know you are in very safe hands with me, I will always be very close and remember I will look after you. If you find one of the skills hard to do, just remember to watch me and I will show you the easiest way to do it and remember we can have lots of goes until you get it right. We love to teach all ages and remember we always teach in small groups so there will be no pressure on you! Scuba diving is really fun and very safe with Dive UK Hurghada.


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