How do we chose the Dive Sites

We are very lucky and in Hurghada we have over 45 Dive Sites and 5 Wrecks close to Hurghada. Some of the Diving sites are quite large so we can do several dives at the same site too. With over 120 different dives to do in Hurghada you are very spoilt for choice. Most of the dive sites in Hurghada are approximately 1 hr on the boat away from the Marina but some can take a little longer to get to. 

A lot depends on the weather conditions, we are very lucky in Hurghada that we have lots of reefs to protect us from the elements but we always have to take into consideration the wind and the currents when choosing the dive sites of the day. Something we also need to consider is the abilities on board that day. Not all dive sites would be suited to new divers so if we do have new divers on board this will be taken into consideration when choosing where we go. Don’t be put off though, many of our sites can accommodate new and advanced divers. We are very lucky.

For us its very important everybody is safe and has an enjoyable day so we look to please everybody. We also have to consider what each Instructor has that day, for example one Instructor may have a PADI Open Water Course and another may have a PADI Advanced Course plus we may also have some daily divers so all the Instructor’s will talk first thing and come up with a plan to please all levels, abilities and requirements of the customers on board.

We love to please so are always happy to take your requests of the dive sites you want to visit so if you do have a preference then please do let us know and we will do our very best to get you there within the time you are diving with us. Please do let us know at the start of your holiday though. Unfortunately, I cannot promise that you will get to a said place if you dive with us for one or two days but if you are here for 5 plus days it’s very likely you will get to where you want to go.

It is our aim to please and we will always try to give you a very good selection of dives while you are on a Package with us or a Diving Holiday. We will always aim to try and give your variety and not to visit the same place twice if diving consecutive days. If you do 1 day here and 1 day there, it maybe you will go to the same place so, please book consecutive days should you want to see different places.

We have a huge variation of Dive Sites in Hurghada which can provide shallow and deep at the same time. Most of the marine life in Hurghada is between 5 and 20 meters so many of the dives tend to be around these depths. Diving at these depths have huge advantages and gives you a much longer dive time. Most dives in Hurghada are around 45 minutes to one hour. Obviously the deeper you go the less time you have. We only take groups of 4 at one time so we also have to take into consideration of air consumption of the whole group but you dive will never be less than 40 minutes long. We believe in going you the best experience so you will not have a dive of 30 minutes and be out of the water like some companies do.

Please do tell us when you arrive if you have any preferences, we will do our very best to accommodate them and look to plan in some deep dives if that’s what you want. We do have some beautiful drops off to see with some amazing corals so you tell us what you want and we will do all we can to please. If you do have any questions about Diving in Hurghada please do let us know and we will do our very best to help you. We take great pride in being responsive in our communications with our customer and you will only ever get a very straight answer and the truth. We are very upfront and wont promise something we cannot deliver.


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