Billy Combs Diving Story

Scuba diving in Hurghada literally changed my life. I had a period where it was bad news after bad news and really was not enjoying life in the UK. I had a very messy divorce and lost a very close friend. I had tried Scuba Diving in Hurghada before and enjoyed it but never done any certifications. After all of the bad news in the UK I decided to go traveling and my first stop was Thailand. This is where I done my PADI Open Water Course, if I’m honest this was not where I fell in love with Scuba Diving in Hurghada though. It was when I went up to the Philippines, now this was amazing and where I discovered my passions for Diving.

I remember my first dive in Philippines, wow, we had 3 Manta Ray’s swimming around us for 30 minutes. This is when I fell in love with Scuba. The second dive secured my love where we see a whale shark. Now this is something you must see. It was huge and swam so slowly by us. We really had the chance to get up close. 

During a month in the Philippines, I decided to do my Advanced Course and done 40 dives over the month. I now had the bug. This is when I decided I wanted to do this for the rest of my life and now said to myself I want to become a PADI Instructor. This is when I met Steve over face book. I started to talk to him about my dream and we discussed things at length. I look back now and see he had the same passion I did. I liked Steve as he did not want nothing for me apart from giving me sound advice and options on how to do what I wanted. 

After visiting Bali, I decided to skip over to Egypt and finally meet Steve and Dive the Red Sea. I’m so glad I did, I planned on staying a couple of weeks prior to going back to the UK to sort some private things out but ended up staying for nearly 2 months. Now this is where my eyes were opened to being a PADI Instructor. I was able to watch Steve teach, guide people and now I was fixed, I wanted to be a PADI Instructor. I wanted to be like him and he told me “Its easy, you have the passion and the want” I cannot thank Steve enough. He helped me so much, I done my Nitrox, Rescue and Divemaster with him as well as doing well over 80 dives. 

To dive every day and work alongside such a fantastic Instructor really opened my eyes and I can’t thank him enough for all the help he gave me and at zero cost. Yes, I paid for my courses but everyday he taught me something different. I will be a PADI Instructor in 2022 and I will teach Scuba Diving for a living and follow my dream. If you want it badly enough then do it. Invest in your self with good training and its easy. Trust me. Live your dream. And the best of luck. William.

Dive UK Hurghada Says: Billy, you’re a fine example and will be a top Instructor, I can’t wait to start your IDC prep to turn you into the top Instructor you want to be. You put a lot of praise in here for me but know you put in so much work and dedication in. I remember you asking me non stop questions, looking at everything I done and see how much you wanted it. That was you not me. You were a joy to teach and I can’t wait to get started again.

Being an Instructor is not easy and you have to be dedicated and committed to learning and doing things the right way. Many teach the course but we at Dive UK Hurghada want to deliver all PADI Courses to the very highest level. We cut zero corners and if you need an extra day then you have an extra day. We believe only in high quality training and delivering excellence in every way. If you want cheap and to just pass, we will not be for you. Want to learn to the highest level and standards, come and see us. We make top quality divers and Instructors, nothing less.


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