Philippa Rouse – Diving Story

So, Steve has asked me to write my story on how I got into Scuba in hope that it can give hope to others to get into the sport.

I have not been diving that long and started in 2017. I went on holiday with my partner at the time and he used to Scuba Dive, to be honest I was not that interested but he did not stop bugging me to try it. I eventually gave in and I really enjoyed it. I only done a try dive and the first time was in a pool in the hotel. It seemed easy and it immediately made me want to try it in the sea. In the next couple of days, we booked to go on a boat and I met my Instructor and he talked me through things. 

The first dive did not impress me, there were many other people doing the same thing that day and I only had about 10 minutes in the water, we only went to 1-2 meters and I felt it was too short and felt I was just dunked under dragged around. The second dive was not much better but I did enjoy it.

It was when I got back home France that I decided to find a good Instructor and do my PADI. I enrolled on the course and immediately felt like I had made the right choice because I found my local centre cared about what they were doing. On reflection the boat on holiday just wanted to give everybody a try and were not very professional. I completed my Open Water over 3 weekends, just in time for our trip to Egypt. 

When we got to Egypt, I went with a boat who a friend went with and we could see the same problems again. Our first dive was in a group of 9 divers. This is not what I wanted and we changed the following day where we again had the same. I didn’t like it and started to regret it. We were parked next to another boat and I was sat on the side looking at how things were and see Steve. I had never meet him before but see he only went with 2 people so I took a picture of him and his t-shirt which had his website on and contacted him that night. We went with him the next day and this is where I feel in love with Scuba. He made me fall in love with Scuba.

I think you really have to find what is best for you. I don’t like lots of people and it suited us fine that Steve only had a few people and on the last 2 days we only had us. He was a bit more expensive but totally worth it. We completed 5 days with Steve and will never look back or use anybody else. If you want to dive in Hurghada go and see Steve. A really good guy. The reefs he took us to are fantastic and we loved the diving.  Don’t be shy to try diving, my best advice would be to find a centre that cares and wants to teach people. Go and speak to them, ask them how many divers there will be and how they work. It’s the best feeling to be underwater and to see all the fish. To float along with little noise and to just hear your bubbles is the best feeling ever. Try scuba because you won’t regret it.

Dive UK Hurghada Says: Thanks so much Phillipa, I know it was not a great start for you but it was great to dive with you. Unfortunately, it’s how it works with many, there is a need to make as much money as possible and to have as many divers as possible. As you know we are not like that and hence we charge a little more for a personal service. We have a max of 4 divers to an Instructor and we pride ourself on giving a top service. I so glad you found comfort in diving with us and perhaps it was fate you taking that picture of my t-shirt! I never realised that’s how you got my details hahahahah 


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