Martin Boyce Diving Story

Thanks for asking me to write my story Steve and I hope it helps others already in the sport or looking to take it up.

If you want to get into Scuba then choose wisely, this would be my first bit of advice. There are many people in the Scuba Diving world to make money and don’t really have the passion for diving. There are however many that do have the passion still and those are the ones to go to for both starting your Scuba Journey and doing the continued education courses.

I am now a PADI Dive Master but I started my Scuba diving with SSI. Why did I swap to PADI, for no reason really, I went on holiday with full intentions of doing my Divemaster course but could not find any SSI schools to do it with so crossed over to PADI. I have zero regrets in doing so. I also want to become an Instructor so knowing what I do now I’m very glad I did do my Divemaster with PADI as I certainly want to be a PADI Instructor and not SSI because PADI is more well-known and have more working opportunities.

My advice in Scuba Diving is not to do Course after Course. Get your experience in and go diving, the more you dive the better you will get. I can also suggest you dive with different places to gain experience. It’s good to see other techniques and other Instructors and how they do things. I know Steve from Dive UK Hurghada encourages this too. I would say this is a very good sign of a good Instructor and Dive Centre. 

I have been lucky to dive in Thailand, Bali, Egypt, Malta and several other places, when you are a Scuba Divers you have so much to explore. Where would my favourite place be? I would say Egypt and Bali. Both are fantastic and have so much life. Unfortunate I have not been to both for over 2 years now but I have booked Egypt in 2022 and Bali late 22.

I have not actually dived with Steve yet and only meet him through Facebook but we tend to speak a lot but I have booked one of his Diving Holiday Packages for 14 nights so I’m really looking forward to getting back in the Red Sea and having fun. Egypt is a fantastic place to dive if you are a beginner or a pro divers. There are plenty of wrecks to see, the reefs are beautiful and you can also do deep diving there. The vast array of marine life they have is also fantastic. I have seen Dolphins, Sharks, Eagle Rays, Manta Rays and Turtles along with all the beautiful colours of the corals. The good thing about Egypt is you have a lot of life between 5-15 meters. It’s great because you can have a good 50 to 60 minutes underwater and see so much. The water is also warm for most of the year so that’s always a bonus.

My tips for diving are be safe and extra safe and you will have the best times of your life. 

Dive UK Hurghada Says: Thanks for taking time to write your story Martin and look forward to meeting you. As Martin says it’s really important to gain dive time and try different places and environments. Find a good reputable Dive Centre and speak to the instructors is also great advice. When diving anywhere in the world make sure you are safe, if you don’t feel safe talk to somebody about it and follow your gut instinct. Don’t be talked into something you don’t believe is safe and recall the training you have had to make sure you enjoy your time.

Like we say to all, if you want to have a conversation about something please get in contact, we are always happy to advise and will be completely impartial on the advice we give.


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