Scuba Diving Safety Advise

We at Dive UK Hurghada take safety very seriously, we believe in order to have fun Scuba Diving, safety must come first and we do several things to make sure that happens. There are lots of other safety precautions we take but here are some of them.


Equipment is very important to us and we have invested heavily to buy all brand-new equipment for our guests to use when Diving in Hurghada. We have purchased our BCD’s, Regulators and Mask sets from Aqualung. Aqualung are a big brand in Scuba and the sets we have brought are both durable and fit for all divers to use. If you are new or an experienced diver you will find this equipment very easy to use, comfortable and of a very good quality. We make a promise that all of our kit is both sterilised after every use, stored in the correct way and will be maintained by Aqualung when servicing is due.

When you have your own equipment, we suggest you follow the manufactures instructions on how to maintain and look after your equipment. Its very important to keep servicing up to date and ensure it’s done by a qualified engineer. Please ensure you check and test your equipment on a regular basis and if you buy any second-hand equipment, please get it serviced and checked before use.

Dive Briefings

Every time you dive with us you will be giving a briefing about how we are going to dive and an orientation of the Dive Site. Its really important you listen to these briefings as it will give important information about the dive including safety procedures, the dive plan and what to do if you get lost. We may go into extra details if we are diving in strong currents, drift diving or have a possibility of seeing sharks. You must act in a very particular way when diving with sharks in order to remain safe. If you have any questions in the briefing please don’t hesitate to ask as we love to help and assist you.

Boat/Shore orientations and paperwork.

When Diving in Hurghada with us it will either be done from shore or on our boat. When we arrive at either, you will be given a quick tour and be briefed on safety procedures and the locations of facilities. You will then be asked to complete all the relevant paperwork including a medical as you would do before any diving activities. Its important all paperwork is completed in full and honestly. Remember if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Marine Life

For your own safety and that of all marine life please do not touch anything underwater. Corals are very fragile and take many many years to grow so should you break a Coral it really is damaging and you can hurt yourself. Some corals are damaging to humans, their spines can get stuck in the skin if touched and you will require medical attention if you touch some of them hence it is better you touch nothing at all.

Some of the marine life in Hurghada is very dangerous such as the Stone Fish and Scorpion fish, should you touch either of these species you will require medical attention. We must also not touch marine animals because they are often covered in a coating which protects them and if touched by humans this can be damaging causing harm to the fish. No matter how tempted you are please touch nothing underwater and keep good buoyancy to ensure you do not kick up sand and reduce visibility for every body’s comfort.

Should you do your PADI Open Water Course with us or any PADI Courses in Hurghada you will be given this information to keep you and those around you safe and having fun at all times. Remember we can only have fun if you are safe.

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