How does a normal Diving Day look in Hurghada

This is a popular question many ask who have not done Daily Diving in Hurghada before. It can vary but most days start when you are picked up from your hotel or apartments around 7:30 – 8am. After all guests for the day have been picked up, we will then go directly to the boat. The boat usually leaves port between 08:30 and 9 am depending on when the coast guards gives the permissions to set sail. Things work very differently in Egypt and will are totally reliant on when the coastguard gives permission to set sail. We cannot move without this so sometimes there can be a delay.

Once on the boat it very good practice to set up your equipment as soon as possible and test it. If this is done prior to leaving port any problems can be resolved. The boat does carry spare O Rings and a limited amount of BCD’s and Regulators but its always better to be on the safe side and have that equipment checked prior to departure.  After this has been completed you will be required to complete any medical forms and liability forms as you do with all diving companies. This is standard practice and a requirement of PADI. 

We always suggest you ask for a medical form prior to diving so you can complete it before you arrive. If you do need to see a doctor prior to diving it can then be signed off. Should you complete it on the boat and have to see a doctor you will still be charged for that day. If you need to see a doctor for sign off, we can arrange that in Hurghada for you. 

Once we set sail it will usually be approx. 1hr till we arrive at the dive site. Just before we arrive your Instructor will give you a brief of the dive we are going to do and this will be your opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Should you wish to ask us any questions in private please do just take us to one side. We are always here to help at any time and never think you have a silly question. All questions are valid and its very important to us you don’t bottle anything up. We are very caring and approachable at all times. 

After the first dive lunch will usually be served, after lunch we will usually have around 1hr till the next dive but it is sometimes longer. There are occasions where we will do two dives and then lunch but this does not happen very often but it can happen and this will be due to weather and other factors but you will always be informed.

Lunch is always served buffet style so you simple grab a plate and ask for what you want. If you would like to bring some snacks of your own then please do so as they won’t be available to buy. We provide teas and coffee and complementary water and softs drinks during lunch but if you do have a preference then we would suggest you bring your own. We also suggest you bring a reusable bottle to fill with water as the boat only has plastics cups.

So, after our rest its time to get ready for the second dive, you will again have a brief of the dive site and we will dive. Most dives are around 45 minutes to one hour. After the dive you will be able to wash your equipment on the boat and allow it to dry be packing it up if you are leaving or placing it all in your box ready for the following day. The boat is very secure and you are more than welcome to leave your equipment on the boat or if you prefer to take it home this is also no problem. I have never had any issues with leaving my equipment on the boat as it is manned 24hrs a day and it has CCTV. I do however take my Camera and Computer home for a good wash.

There is often a chance to do a 3rd dive during the day but it may be at the same site, if this is something you are interested in, please do let us know at the start of your holiday. There is a small charge for this service but it is possible most days.

After we arrive back to port we will take you back to your hotel or apartment around 4-4:30 ish.


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