Ocean Marine Life – Our No Touch Policy

If you decide to Scuba Dive or do any PADI Courses with Dive UK Hurghada you will hear this on several occasions. Please do not touch the Ocean floor or touch any marine life or corals. While Scuba Diving is a relatively safe activity there are dangers you can face in the Ocean.

We have much marine life that are dangerous to humans and touching one of these marine animals could end you up in hospital or in some cases even worse. Some of these dangerous animals cannot be seen easily so this is also why we say not to touch rocks, corals or the ocean floor. Many of the dangerous animals camouflage very well and may not be seen until you have touched them such as the Stone Fish or Scorpion Fish.

Another thing you will hear us say is do not touch, try to touch or get to close to the animals living in the Ocean. Please remember we are visiting their home and you would not like somebody strange going into your environment and getting to close or even touching you. We have to respect the animals and they will stick around for us to see. We are very lucky in the Red Sea and many of the animals are very inquisitive and will come close to us. This is an amazing feeling and embrace it. You will also find many of the animals will swim away or hide should you get to close. 

We always recommend to swim slowly, don’t make any sudden movements and enjoy what your eyes are seeing. It would be very rare any animal will come close and make you feel uncomfortable, usually they come to see who you are and then go again. We have such a beautiful selection of animals here your eyes will be amazed and it will be a case of non-stop looking at everything you can see. 

Its not just the animals that can be dangerous, some of the coral we have here can hurt humans and this is exactly why we say don’t touch anything. Its also important you don’t touch any corals because they are very delicate and can be broken very easily. Corals can take many years to grow to so if you break a coral, you could cause the whole coral to completely die or make damage that could take years to repair. The coral is a very important part of the eco system and is living. Please don’t kill it. The ocean and fish rely on it as do we as humans.

We will also ask you keep good buoyance to stop you touching the ocean floor, its also really important to secure all of your equipment so there is no dangling SPG or Octo. These can pose an entanglement risk and also damage organisms and your equipment. It will also cause the sand to stir up causing reduced visibility which then effects yours and others dive. We are very lucky to have excellent visibility here and most days we have up to 30 meters so let’s not ruin that by kicking up lots of sand. 

Its also a very good idea to stay a good 1-2 meters away from other divers. If you get to close you run the risk of having your mask kicked off your face or even having your regulated kicked out of your mouth. We want you to be safe so by thinking about these simple guidelines will give you a more enjoyable dive. 

It may be that you will see other divers from other boats going against the advice we give, touching things, breaking corals ect but please don’t think this is ok and join their poor habits. We often see people trying to touch animals but their lack of education on the ocean does not have to be yours too. Let’s all enjoy what we see and have a safe dive. If you do have any questions or concerns, just remember we are always here to help and advise.


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