Kevin Mills Diving Story

I started diving when I was 15 as my dad was a diver and I will be doing my Rescue Course later this year. To say I love diving is an understatement and wish so many more would try it. Being under the water is a really nice feeling and so quiet and peaceful. It’s also really safe if you have good quality training and you always follow the brief you are giving by the guide before the dive. You can see so much underwater and even if you don’t see much, you will still enjoy just being underwater. The weightlessness is a fantastic feeling.

I used to be the only one out of my group of friends who dived but now most of us are qualified and they all enjoy diving. I think it’s one of those sports many are worried about because it is underwater but once you try it, you won’t want to give up. I was been very lucky to meet Steve in 2020 just before covid hit and done my PADI Advanced Course in Hurghada. He really is a top guy and a very good Instructor. I will be doing my Rescue Course with him late 2021 and will be great to get back to Egypt. I have also booked to go to Thailand in 2022 and can’t wait to go diving there.

I have dived quite a bit and done lots of diving in the UK, Egypt and Malta. I think Scuba Diving is one of the sports you just have to practice to get better, dive with people who care and they will help you with tips and to improve the way you dive. Spend time practicing skills and how to improve your air consumption. It comes with time and the more you dive the easier it will get.

My end goal is to become a PADI Instructor and travel the world working in different countries teaching people how to Scuba dive but I want to take my time as I want to be a very good Instructor. I know some people go through the ranks quickly but I have decided I want to get as much experience as possible first. I have also spoken to Steve and he supports this and I will do my PADI Divemaster with him over 1 month. Doing it this way will also give me time to watch and learn from an Instructor. Its great Steve offers this service and he has totally tailored the Course to me because he knows I want to gain the experience too. I like this because many would not give this opportunity.

If you want to get into Scuba or advance to a higher level, I can really say you should speak to Steve at Dive UK, he really likes to help people and will always do what’s best for you. 

Happy Bubbles.

Dive UK Hurghada says: 

I really love your story Kev because I know you want to do things a particular way to meet your learning needs. Some people learn in different ways and I’m always happy to tailor any PADI Course to an individual needs. If they want to do it over a longer period then that’s fine with me. It’s very important the student is happy and the Performance requirements of the course are met. 

We at Dive UK Hurghada believe people learn in different ways and we are very happy to do things differently like doing a course over a longer period and giving you the opportunity to gain experience while you do it. Give us a call and discuss what you want, if we can do it, we will. If we can’t then we can suggest a different way to meet your needs. We offer the PADI Divemaster course over different lengths of time because we are very happy to offer you the chance to get experience while you do the course but we can also take you to a competent level where all performance requirements are met within 10 days. We can also offer doing the theory side prior to your arrival to make the time you have to be here shorter.


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