Mark Ronson’s Scuba Story

Hi Guys, my name is Mark and I started to Scuba Dive at 29, to be honest I never really know anything about it until I went on holiday to Egypt. We went on a day trip snorkelling and see so much life and also see people trying Scuba Diving in Hurghada on the boat. I decided I wanted to give it a go and was really surprised how easy it was, the first time I went there was a PADI Instructor who done everything for us and made it really enjoyable. I was quite hooked from there and when I got back to the UK I couldn’t stop thinking about, I found a local dive shop and enquired about doing the PADI Open Water Course after doing some research on the internet. 

After speaking to my local dive school I decided to just do the theory part in the UK, I then wanted to go back to Egypt to do the practical side of the course which is possible. The reason I didn’t want to do the whole course in the UK was because it was nearly winter and I did not fancy the cold water. Many do dive in the UK in the winter because there are dry suits you can use which stops you from becoming wet but I decided this was not for me.

The following year we booked up to go to Egypt and it was great, it took 3 days to do the practical side of the PADI Open Water Course and I loved every minute. There really is so much to see in Egypt, the marine life, reefs, ship wrecks and huge drops off’s where you can only see blue. 

Why do I Scuba Dive? I just love the feeling of being underwater, to float along and see all the wildlife is great. I remember the first time I see a dolphin underwater, it was one of the best feelings I have ever had, they come so close. If you want to see a different world then do it, you will never regret it and I now go Diving in Hurghada at least once every year. I have not done any further courses yet and I have 42 dives. I want to do my PADI Advanced Course because I want to start diving a little deeper and will do this with Dive UK Hurghada when we are allowed to travel again.

I really want to start exploring some of the ship wrecks Egypt has to offer like the Salem Express and Thistlegorm. I have dived a couple of shallow wreck but not want something a bit bigger. I would also like to do a Liveaboard and would also like to Dive in Marsa Alam and visit Elephinstone Reef and have the opportunity to see sharks in the wild. I cant wait to do this with Steve but I know I have to get a little more experience first and to also do my PADI Advanced Course.

Thanks for the story Mark and I remember the first time we meet on February 2020. Unfortunately, Covid has stopped us meeting again but look forward to seeing you and Michelle soon. 

Scuba Diving really is relaxing and your eyes will not believe what they see, each time you dive you will see something new and with the world’s Oceans taking up over 70% of the surface area your opportunities to explore are endless. The first steps to become qualified as a diver is to take a PADI Open Water Certification, you then have further learning opportunities like the PADI Advanced Course to dive deeper and learn other adventure dives. Should you wish to discuss diving or ask for advise please do get in contact with us.

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