Looking After Your Equipment – Servicing your equipment

So now you have all this expensive Scuba Equipment? Want it to last a long time and make sure it won’t let you down?

The thing you have to remember is, your Scuba kit is what allows you to enjoy the underwater world and it also keeps you ALIVE. So, I would say it’s a very big priority to keep it in good condition and make sure you look after it. You may have also seen a previous article on Washing your equipment, please have a read if not. This is also very important but here we will take about the care and servicing.

It may go without saying but be very careful with your equipment, never rush when using it as a simple dropping of your regulator could cause hundreds of pounds of damage. Treat it like a baby and take very good care of it. Your Regulator may be the piece of kit you need to treat most gently. I always use a soft padded case to store it and transport it, NEVER DROP IT. You could crack the casing or break the plastics and this will cost you. It may also damage internal parts will can leave you with a large bill. Invest in a good regulator bag, you won’t regret it.

When it comes to servicing, follow your equipment manufactures recommendations. I would also suggest only using a certified dealer and original parts. It may cost you a little more but remember this is what keeps you alive underwater. I personally get my Regulators serviced every year and have my BCD cleaned and checked over. I use mostly Scubapro equipment and only have it done with a certified person using original parts. I personally only purchase brand new equipment as I then know how it’s been treated since new.

There is nothing wrong with buying second hand equipment and most look after their kit very well but if you do buy second hand, please make sure you get it serviced before you use it. Better to be safe than sorry right? Remember this equipment allows you to stay alive underwater. 

I get asked a lot about how I fly with my equipment. Personally, I use a hard Samsonite case to transport my Scuba Equipment but always carry my Regulators and Computer with my hand luggage. I have never had any issues taking regs onboard the aircraft but have been asked on occasions at security. I simply explain the cost and how they are delicate and what they are used for and it’s never been a problem. Never carry your tool kits onboard though, this will get taken but security. 

I can recommend that you pack your suitcase with your Scuba equipment in the middle so a layer of cloths, your Scuba kit and then more cloths. This will give padding for when your case is thrown about at the airport. Some of the Scuba bags also now have padding too. This is always a good investment and they sell some very good ones here at the dive shop I use. I have seen some of the branded ones and I will say they have no padding at all so choose wisely.

Another thing I would really recommend is to mark your equipment so you know it’s yours, you have spent a lot of money so make sure it does not get mixed up with other people’s gear, this can quite often happen by mistake on a dive boat but can be done on purpose. 

Like I always say we at Dive UK Hurghada are always here and very happy to help, should you need any advice or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 


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